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Clinical Development

Patient-centered, integrated process and tools for highly outsourced and mixed-model delivery organizations driving growth through better outcomes

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In today’s changing clinical landscape, companies are increasingly pressured to do more with less and are looking for new and innovative ways to leverage data more effectively to improve trial design and conduct. TriRadial offers a broad range of advisory services to Clinical organizations, ranging from assessments of current capabilities and design of new business models to implementation of technology-enabled processes to improve efficiencies and compliance. We believe the patient should be at the center of everything we do within life sciences, so we are committed to helping our clients more closely integrate patients and sites into the drug development process. We are also focused on helping companies move from manual, document-centered processes to more automated, data-driven environments to drive significant productivity gains, better decision making and reduced risks.

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Fact Sheet

Ensuring Effective and Compliant Vendor Oversight in an Era of Increased Outsourcing

Example Projects

  • Capability Assessment and Gap Analysis
  • Benchmarking Against Leading Practices
  • Process Optimization and Global Harmonization
  • Quality System Assessment and Remediation
  • Technology Assessment
  • Metrics and Dashboard Development
  • Outsourcing Strategy and Partnership Optimization
  • Structured Content Authoring Solutions
  • Next Generation Monitoring Solutions
  • Organization and Team Design
  • Change Management for Large-Scale Transformations

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