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Medical Affairs

Innovative solutions to empower medical affairs teams to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, enhance their capabilities, and drive improved patient outcomes. We develop growth plans and optimized processes for global and regional Medical Affairs functions to build and enhance capabilities for market preparation, effective evidence generation and KOL/patient engagement.

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Biopharma companies are facing an increasingly dynamic and complex environment, especially given evolving needs in emerging markets, increased focus on value, and an overall heightened focus on data.

Companies moving from primarily clinically-focused activities to considering commercial implications need to understand how Medical Affairs should be implemented and, importantly, when.  TriRadial helps companies in developing a strategic plan and roadmap for their medical affairs function. This includes defining the vision, mission, and objectives of medical affairs, identifying key focus areas, and establishing metrics to measure success. We also help align medical affairs strategies with overall business goals and ensure integration with other functions such as clinical development, regulatory affairs, and commercial operations.

In addition to establishing baseline capabilities, we help companies explore emerging, innovative solutions for Stakeholder Engagement and KOL Management, Evidence Generation, Medical Communication and Digital Transformation.

To foster patient-centricity, TriRadial can help medical affairs teams develop innovative solutions for patient engagement and support. This involves leveraging digital health technologies, mobile applications, and patient portals to enhance communication, collect patient-reported outcomes, and provide educational resources.

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Example Projects

  • Capability Assessment and Gap Analysis
  • Benchmarking Against Leading Practices
  • Process Optimization and Global Harmonization
  • Medical Affairs Operations Optimization
  • Technology Assessment, including Digital Transformation and Analytics
  • Stakeholder Engagement and KOL Management Improvements
  • Metrics and Dashboard Development
  • Outsourcing Strategy and Partnership Optimization
  • Structured Content Authoring Solutions
  • Organization and Team Design
  • Change Management for Large-Scale Transformations

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