VendorSight 360

End-to-End Oversight
from Strategy to Execution

Clinical outsourcing in today's virtual environment continues to increase. Ensuring effective oversight is essential to optimizing performance and quality from your vendors while improving transparency and managing risk.

VendorSight 360™ maximizes the value from high-cost vendor relationships.

Our global team of experienced outsourcing professionals and negotiators drive aggressive terms and discounts, often in excess of 15% from budgets.

Improve Vendor Oversight Through VendorSight 360 ™

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Introduction to VendorSight 360™

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Vendor Sourcing Strategies

Effective vendor governance begins with a clear understanding of your sourcing strategy, identifying capabilities that are strategically important to build in-house over time and the types of vendors for outsourced activities. We provide perspectives on advantages and challenges of different sourcing strategies. A clear strategy provides alignment across all Development functions.

Learn how an emerging biopharma company and a Fortune 50 global life sciences organization approached their R&D vendor sourcing and selection strategies.

Download Vendor Sourcing Strategies Case Study

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Vendor Selection

With thousands of vendors to choose from, TriRadial can help you navigate the landscape to identify vendors with the skills, footprint, pricing and cultural fit for your organization. We can then help qualify, negotiate terms and pricing and onboard vendors for long-term success.

What are the criteria for determining the right model and securing the best ROI for your strategic R&D partnerships?

View this industry presentation to learn how to optimize and measure the results of your CRO partnership.

Download Scalable CRO Governance Presentation

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Vendor Negotiation and Contracting

You know your product and the science behind it. You are squarely focused on driving your clinical programs. But now you are facing experienced negotiators from multiple, often large, vendor organizations.

TriRadial can help guide you through complex negotiations. We provide benchmarking for relevant outsourced services to help ensure you are getting value for your money. We often help clients achieve 15-20% savings based on budgets proposed by vendors. We help you make clear, informed decisions to get favorable terms and full transparency into your investment.

Learn more about our VendorSight 360™ expert team

Download Vendor Negotiation and Contracting Case Study

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Vendor Governance

Can you demonstrate active oversight and detect issues before they become problems?

CROs and other R&D vendors can be seamless partners in your success if you establish the right governance structure and collaborative culture early. Throughout the vendor engagement lifecycle, we can help you implement risk-based, fit-for-purpose processes, tools and metrics to build trust, provide you peace of mind and demonstrate active oversight to regulatory authorities.

Learn about the key pillars of a sustainable clinical vendor governance process and how to build an effective vendor governance program in this industry presentation.

Download Vendor Governance Presentation

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Vendor Management Tools

Do you need to accelerate your clinical performance but are concerned you will lose control or increase compliance risks by outsourcing to key vendors?

VendorSight 360™ includes inspection-tested tools that can help jumpstart your vendor oversight capabilities:

  • RFP templates, bid grids and scorecards to facilitate easier vendor comparisons
  • Dynamic dashboards
  • ICH-compliant vendor oversight SOPs
  • Risk assessment and categorization tools
  • Vendor qualification checklists
  • Vendor Oversight Plans, SLAs and Quality Agreement templates

Learn about some impactful KPIs to assist with Sponsor/CRO Partnership Optimization in this industry presentation.

Download Clinical KPIs and Partnership Optimization Presentation

CRO Rescue

Your clinical program is off track and enrollment is lagging. You expect to be hit with yet another Change Order. Perhaps there are quality issues that are not being resolved. Is it time to consider replacing your CRO? How do you make that decision? When is the optimal time to consider a switch and what other vendors should you consider?

TriRadial can help you analyze your options, lay out clear choices and negotiate with the new clinical vendor partners. We can even set up your new governance model to oversee the new vendor’s performance.

Here’s how we helped a growing biopharma company reevaluate its clinical programs and get them back on track.

Download CRO Rescue Case Study

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Vendor Management and Procurement Staffing

Your clinical programs are advancing rapidly and you have aggressive goals for growing the organization. You need highly qualified experts in place who can troubleshoot options quickly and act with certainty. Sometimes your need to fill key roles outpaces your ability to find the right people. TriRadial has a global network of experts with decades of experience, who can quickly step in and bridge the gap until you can fill the roles internally.

Learn how an early-stage life sciences company quickly elevated its clinical expertise and kept the programs moving forward.

Download Vendor Management and Procurement Staffing Case Study