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Outsourced Partnership Selection and Optimization

Take control of costly vendor relationships with insights into current service costs and hands-on contracting guidance by experienced negotiators
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Success is no longer about optimizing within your own four walls. Success in the future is critically dependent upon partnering – selecting the right partners with capabilities that align to your specific needs and establishing an effective governance model to manage the partnership effectively. Focus should be not only on delivery capabilities and accountability, but also on cultural alignment and ensuring transparency to critical information needed for predictive analyses and decision making. When multiple partners are in the mix, creating a partnership hub, with a common governance model can create greater efficiencies and more of a plug-and-play environment, rather than optimizing each relationship individually. We help companies orchestrate and refine partnerships with key vendors along multiple dimensions to help ensure successful outcomes.

VendorSight 360™

End-to-End Oversight from Strategy to Execution
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